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As customers' partner

  • underwater fishing cameras

    We are a team full of creative passion. Our young fellows have great interest in new things, especially in new consumer electronics. To help anglers to get more exciting fishing experiences, our team has developed a series of cameras which can bring the practice to explore and watch the activities of fish in deep water.....
  • fishing reels

    We are too much long time as contract manufacturer for top world brands. Our tackle products branch has his own label now:“Osprey”. We produce and supply top quality fishing reels. We are expert in making customized products and we are happy to satisfy the personalized requirements of each of our customers......
  • fishing lures

    We have specialized production facilities to produce varieties of fishing lures in sophisticated styles. Our skillful workers are actually artisans. They create everything useful and beautiful as craftsmen do.....
  • Digital Monocular with LCD

    It is a portable digital telescope with the basic features as focus, zoom, photo/video/playback. It is equipped with bespoke full glass optical lens demonstrating professional performances. It is convenient to carry it to the wild nature to watch and view a target from far away and capture the clear appearance or the slightest movement of it. It provides high resolution images on its 5-inch LCD or any other connected monitor or TV set. It is not only an affordable device but also a device that can bring infinite fascinating discoveries.

About Us

Text about our company

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is a reputable company headquartered in Hong Kong and is engaged in the following business activities:

Manufacturing and supplying quality and reliable products such as tackles and consumer electronics concerned with outside sports in the wish to spice up the daily life of our customers.

Since the end of 1990s the company has started opening specialized production lines in the southern province of China under the cooperation as OEM with several big brands in the world in supplying tackles and consumer electronics worldwide. After decades of efforts the company has accumulated unique experiences of technology in designing and known-how in production. The company now is an efficient and creative team composed of professional technicians and skillful production operators, devoted to manufacturing customized products in good quality as well in competitive cost effectiveness, offering intimate and effective sales services to each of our customers.