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Quality guarantee

It is our provision to offer 36 months Quality Warranty covering all the products we supplied (does not apply to normal wear/tear, and the damage or fault caused by inappropriate use).  

Customer support

It is our obligation to give “at home customer support” before, during and after the purchase of our products which includes:
- To recommend and supply quality and cost effective products tailored to customer’s application requirements.
- To give technical proposal or take the actual deeds on the upgrading of old products that the customer still keeps.
- To give guidance in regard to the use and maintenance of the products.
- To make search for and purchase other connected items or accessories from local markets on the request of customers.

Instant feedback

As soon as we receive the requirements from customers either by email, short message, or phone call we will give prompt response and execute deep follow up.

Ensured spare parts

It is assured that our customer will get the trouble free and fast delivery for his spare parts no matter where he is located.