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Short Description:

- Built by complete metal body with high tensile strength and high breaking strength
- Every part is forged and CNC machined, has undergone fine surface treatment
- With built-in corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings
- There is a centrifugal forge as brake force when releasing or reeling in the line So, free and accurate casting is guaranteed!

Product Detail

Model No. Bearings Mono Capacity Gear Ratio Max drag force (kg) Weight (g)
HHG201 12+1 BB PE2.0/180  PE3.0/140
6.2:1 7 306
HHG301 12+1 BB PE2.0/200  PE3.0/160
6.2:1 7 330
HHG400 12+1 BB PE2.0/220  PE3.0/180
6.2:1 7 350

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